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What is Body shop BOOST

A BOOST for accelerated success
in body shops.


"Within the first week after achieving our milestones we could double our output from approx. 14 to 28 jobs per week!"

Niels Bogen from Sternauto in Upahl (Germany)


Why Body Shop BOOST?


We make your business transparent. We show you how your business performs. We make everything measurable and track your KPIs. You can compare different locations with each other and set a benchmark.

Increased profitability

We will show you your potential and how you can get there. There is always room for improvement. We will create a milestone plan to achieve your goals. We will reduce your key to key time, cut costs and improve revenue.

OEM Approval

The partner of choice of OEM. You have an upcoming OEM Audit? You want to gain OEM approval? With our assessment and milestone plan we will lead you towards an approval.


Get greener. We help you to get a greener body shop and improve your ecological footprint. Position yourself as a green pioneer!

BOOST Packages: 01


Unleash the full potential of your body shop with our holistic consulting package. Benefit from the comprehensive assessment and the following development phase. Track progress on our BOOST platform and receive monthly online check-ups. We look at every area of your business, from operational to administrative areas.

Paint assessment Body Shop assessment (1-2 days)

AdobeStock_278381845 [Converted].png

Development plan and project management

12 months monthly online development check-ups

Tracked on body shop BOOST platform

BOOST Packages: 02

Planning + development

Elevate your project with our comprehensive Planning + Development service. We analyze every aspect of your current setup, presenting two improved scenarios (2D, 3D) to visualize transformative potential. Our All-in-one contract includes skilled architects and engineers, offering expert guidance from concept to execution. Trust our experts to turn possibilities into realities, setting new industry standards.


Achieve your vision effortlessly with Body Shop Boost, where innovation meets excellence. Let us transform your project into a masterpiece.

As-is assessment

2 scenarios of improved workflow and design (2D, 3D)

All-in-one contract (Architects, engineers… included)

Bild 12.png

BOOST Packages: 03

Comprehensive Training Solutions

Enhance your body shop's performance with our comprehensive training solutions. From Advanced Estimating to Production Management, we offer specialized programs in Bodyshop Process, Spare Parts Management, Vehicle Stripping, Structural Body Repair, Welding Techniques, Aluminium Body Repair, Riveting and Glueing, Plastic Repair, Various paint trainings and more. Stay tuned for additional training options. Unlock your body shop's potential - explore our advanced training today!

Advanced Estimating Training

Production Management Training

Production Management Coaching

Bodyshop Process Coaching

Image by charlesdeluvio


How we operate

(virtual meeting)


Revenue Growth Calculator

Discover the full potential of your body shop with our revenue growth calculator! Here you can get a feeling for what is possible under optimal conditions in your body shop. We help you to achieve the maximum of this potential.

Boost the Bodyshop Today

Unleash the full potential of your body shop today

Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your workflow, drive efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profits. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through the BOOST program and help you achieve your business goals.


Take the first step towards success. Get in touch with us now and let's BOOST your body shop to new heights!

Get in touch

BASF Coatings GmbHLegal Headquarters: 48165 Muenster, Germany

Get in touch with us now and let's BOOST your body shop to new heights!

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